Voices of Black
Mothers United

Voices of Black Mothers United (VBMU) is a Woodson Center Initiative focusing on empowering the families of fallen Black children.


VBMU focuses on the communities affected by rising homicide rates. For decades, Black parents have disproportionately experienced a parent’s worst nightmare: the loss of a child (or even multiple children) to violence. This program offers support and healing to these mothers, and enables them to speak powerfully to the challenges facing our nation in the areas of crime reduction and police reform.

The program is managed by our local state leads. These state leads focus on their communities in three specific areas: advocacy for families who have lost members to violence, family and community intervention, and promoting positive policing. VBMU offers a place of consoling to the families suffering from the pain of loss, and strives to create safe and healthy communities in the hope that future families will never experience such pain.