About Us

The Woodson Center (formerly known as The Center for Neighborhood Enterprise) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1981 by Robert L. Woodson, Sr. to help residents of low-income neighborhoods address the problems in their communities.


Our Mission

The Woodson Center’s mission is to empower community-based leaders to promote solutions that reduce crime and violence, restore families, revitalize underserved communities, and assist in the creation of economic enterprise.


Our Values

To identify and empower individuals who embrace our principles to transform their lives and their communities.


Our Operating Philosophy


Low-income individuals and neighborhood-based organizations should play a central role in the design and implementation of programs to address the problems of their communities.


An effective approach to societal problems must be driven by the same principles that function in the market economy, recognizing the importance of competition, entrepreneurship, cost efficiency, and an expectation of return on investment.


Value-generating and faith-based initiatives are uniquely qualified to address problems of poverty that are related to behavior and life choices.


The Woodson Principles

Competence, Integrity, Transparency, Resilience, Witness, Innovation, Inspiration, Agency, Access, Grace.