About Us

The Woodson Center works to identify and bring recognition and funding to strengthen the efforts of indigenous neighborhood leaders and organizations that are effectively addressing critical problems of their communities through innovative initiatives.
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Our Mission

The Center’s mission is to transform lives, schools, and troubled neighborhoods, from the inside out. Current programs are the Violence-Free Zone youth violence reduction program and training and technical assistance for community/faith-based organizations.

Our Founding Principles


Low-income individuals and neighborhood-based organizations should play a central role in the design and implementation of programs to address the problems of their communities.


An effective approach to societal problems must be driven by the same principles that function in the market economy, recognizing the importance of competition, entrepreneurship, cost efficiency, and an expectation of return on investment.


Value-generating and faith-based initiatives are uniquely qualified to address problems of poverty that are related to behavior and life choices.

Careers at The Woodson Center

Headquartered in Washington D.C., The Woodson Center is an innovative national nonprofit that helps community and faith-based organizations solve issues facing their communities.


Many initiatives put in place by the Woodson Center have had a national impact. Here are some examples:

Our Proven Impact

Violence Free Zone project substantially cut youth violence in Washington, DC neighborhood, savings estimated at $13 million in public money.

Pioneered concept of resident management of public housing; laid groundwork for successful legislation and formation of national organization of resident managers.

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