Success Stories

October 5, 2016

The Woodson Center Helps House of Help City of Hope Build New Playground for Residents of Ward 8 Community

Posted By Woodson Center

Washington D.C. – The Woodson Center helps local affiliate, House of Help City of Hope, build a new playground for residents of the Ward 8 community served by her program. Apostle Shirley Holloway, the agency’s executive director stated, “with a playground on our facility, it allows us to create an atmosphere of fun for our children, giving them a space to be imaginative, explorative, liberated and safe due to the high crime rate area of Southeast, D.C.  The playground will be equipped with a secure coded gate, cameras and a lock to ensure that our children are safe and secure while playing there.  Later on, we plan to add a family cookout area to promote family bonding and fun.”  The playground is expected to have the following results:

  • Approximately 400 men, women and children will be affected by this playground and grill area.
  • Children ages two thru five will be able to play on the commercial playground area.
  • Children ages six thru ten will be able to play on the commercial swings as well as the climbing area attached to the commercial playground.
  • Children ages eleven and older will be able to play on the basketball court and commercial area.
  • Adults will be able to enjoy the sitting area equipped with grills and sitting benches.