Helping identify local grassroots leaders, and equipping them with the proper tools to accomplish their mission.

Finding and Training Leaders

Many individuals and organizations want to implement the Woodson Center approach to addressing social problems, but they need help to identify and engage with the appropriate grassroots leaders in their community. Woodson Center consultants have extensive experience finding and training such leaders while drawing on an established nationwide network of referrals and relationships, including, but not limited to CAN and VBMU.

Unlike organizations that view all low-income individuals through the lens of dysfunction, Woodson Center consultants identify and build on established success in the areas of upward mobility, violence prevention, educational excellence, vocational training, addiction treatment, and much more. They are able to conduct preliminary research, travel to the community, conduct fact-finding missions, compile data and prepare reports for interested clients. The result is a direct impact on target communities and often support for and expansion of our CAN and VBMU networks.