Community Affiliates Network (CAN) Application

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    Any person (18 years of age and above), nonprofit organization, faith-based organization, partnership or any legal entity may apply to become a WC Community Affiliate Network member by;

    • Participating in an orientation training to further your knowledge of WC, its vision, mission, and priorities;
    • Attending a WC-led/sponsor-led training event: Violence Free Zones, Neighborhood Leadership Development Institute, Community Leadership Enterprise, Stand Together or other if applicable;
    • Observing WC’s core values, the organization’s rules and regulations and its Code of Ethics;
    • Not using WC funds for the benefit of any private stakeholder or individual or to engage in for-profit, politico or religious practices;
    • Primarily engaging in activities/functions that improve your mission, the community and your relationship with WC;
    • There shall be no employer/employee relationship between WC and a WC Affiliate Member;
    • WC shall not be responsible for any misrepresentation made by its Affiliate Members;
    • Adhering to technical support including assessments, reporting and other requirements with advanced notice.
    • Providing a release statement to WC stating that you grant WC permission to use photos, videos, and organizational logos to promote our Community Affiliate Network (CAN).
    • Complying with all assurances.

    WC reserves the right to modify, revise and update its existing policies and business plan for the best interest of WC and its affiliate members without prior notice.