Our Team

Johnnie M. Hawkins
Assistant Operations/Program Manager

Johnnie M. Hawkins is the Assistant Operations Manager/Program Manager for the Woodson Center and a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) owner.  As Assistant Operations Manager, Johnnie is responsible for successfully conducting Woodson Center business and assisting the Vice President, COO with oversight and management of daily operations and special projects.  Her accomplishments include oversight of the rebranding of the Woodson Center, its new name and logo, website and tactical marketing strategy all aimed at positioning the Center for future growth and development while preserving its rich 35 year history and legacy as the national “go to” agency that distressed communities, grassroots leaders and policymakers turn to when seeking support in the alleviation of conditions that contribute to poverty within the United States.

As Program Manager, Johnnie supervises the Woodson Center’s Stand Together initiative which sponsors the national outreach, recruitment and enrollment of 206 grassroots organizations into the Center‘s newly established Community Affiliates Network (CAN), formalizing their relationship with the Center and affording them no cost training, organizational development and technical assistance, operational support and national exposure to tell their story.  Johnnie has been with the Woodson Center for 13 years having served as a national consultant and employee.

As owner and principal of JHAWK GROUP LLC, Johnnie helps clients increase their service capacity.  Her company helped the Woodson Center and HSBC-North America evaluate an 18 state financial education program that reached 22,484 low and middle-income adults (2006-2009).  Johnnie helped the Woodson Center develop and manage the Community Leadership Enterprise Training Program which rolled out in the state of Kansas in 2015 and is currently being used today.  A proponent of Weed and Seed, Johnnie served on the Woodson Center’s Youth Leadership Development Training Team (2004-2008) helping to train 500 youth across the country on Weed and Seed strategies as part of the Center’s CCDO project. During her tenure with the Woodson Center, Johnnie has served in several capacities: national outreach and enrollment specialist, instructional training specialist, community-based participatory researcher and external evaluator aiding the Center in successfully evaluating select programs and increasing returns on their investment.

Johnnie enjoys passing knowledge on to others and helping them grow.  She especially enjoys teaching others how to save, invest and plan for their financial futures.