Our Team

Curtis Watkins
Director of Affiliate Mobilization/VFZ Programs

Curtis Watkins is a native of Washington D.C. who has over twenty-five years of executive leadership experience including having served as the National Association of REALTORS Purchasing Manager in both Chicago and Washington, D.C.

In 1998, he founded LifeSTARTS Youth & Family Services (formerly known as East Capitol Center for Change), a non-profit dedicated to rebuilding neighborhoods and communities. In 2001, President George W. Bush recognized the organization highlighting that LifeSTARTS was “changing lives from the inside out.” Mr. Watkins was a 2007-2008 Nonprofit Roundtable Fellow. He was selected as a 2013 semifinalist for the Open Society Foundations’ Black Male Achievement Fellowship.

Several years ago, he understood that he needed to be about the business of “path making” and looking for the “path finders.” He believed that money would not solve our society’s problems and that human capital had the potential to be the problem solvers.

Mr. Watkins has committed the rest of his life to creating communities where the residents are empowered to be active decision makers and the transformers of their communities.

In his words, “fragile families and the so-called at-risk youth that I chose to call at-promise have the potential to transform selfishness into being selfless, violence into peace and hopelessness into hope.”