Milwaukee Violence Free Zones

VFZ Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Violence Free Zones are implemented by two organizations: Running Rebels, a community-based organization on Milwaukee’s north side and Milwaukee Christian Center, a faith-based organization serving Milwaukee’s south side. The programs receive high praise from educators, law enforcement officials and evaluators alike.

Combined, approximately 60 Youth Advisors work in the schools as mediators, monitors and role models to provide mentoring and character coaching to more than one thousand students (in eleven schools) enrolled in Milwaukee’s VFZ mentoring programs.

Running Rebels Community Organization (RRCO)

— Running Rebels was founded in 1980. Located in the central city, it is a nonprofit committed to helping youth develop mentally, physically and spiritually. RRCO serves more than 1,000 children from the ages of 10-18 who live in the central city. Many are referred through the court system and are overcoming barriers within their family, school and community. Programs include mentoring, youth services, intensive monitoring, athletics, entrepreneurship and music.


Milwaukee Christian Center (MCC)

— The Milwaukee Christian Center started as a faith-based entity attempting to meet the needs of south side immigrants. Today, MCC works to meet the needs of all people in the community regardless of faith, race or age. Through its multi-faceted programs MCC serves youth, families and the elderly. MCC is celebrating 90 years of service to near south side residents.  Programs include youth services, juvenile justice, senior adults, emergency food pantry, neighborhood improvement project and promoting health among teens.


For More Information

Running Rebels Community Organization

Contact: Victor Barnett, Executive Director
Address: 1300 West Fond Du Lac Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone: (414) 264-8222
FAX: (414) 264-8233

Milwaukee Christian Center

Contact: Karen W. Higgins, Executive Director
Address: 807 S 14th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: (414) 645-5350
FAX: (414) 645-1859