The Woodson Center applauds the efforts of community leaders, neighborhood organizations and faith-based ministries to improve the quality life in communities across this nation. We come alongside of you and help underserved neighborhoods address the problems of their communities when others have turned away.
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How Members Help

Our members answer the call to serve and worked tirelessly to build strong communities and put fractured lives back together. Collectively, we transform lives, schools and troubled neighborhoods from the inside out. As a community leader, neighborhood organization or faith-based ministry, you are invited to become a member of our Community Affiliate Network.

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How to Become a Member

We welcome your interest in joining us as we work to restore communities. As Director of the Community Affiliate Network, I am here to help you feel at ease as we join forces to make a better society, one person, one family and community at a time. To join our network, complete and return this Community Affiliate Network Membership and Technical Assistance Packet.

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How Our Members Make A Difference

Mary Nelson started organizing the Back-to-School Barbeque 15 years ago as part of an effort to reduce violence in her neighborhood. Besides the school supplies, she treated children and their families to a barbeque which consisted of all condiments you would have for a barbeque. Mary stated that she woke up one morning and decided that she wanted to do something about the violence affecting children in the community. In 2002, the first year the event was held, we had in attendance 850 youths and their parents. Each and every year thereafter, the event has grown in record numbers. In 2015, over 21,000 youths and their families attended our Annual Youth Day BBQ. The Youth Day BBQ attendance by our youths and their families is expected to increase in record numbers this year. We will be able to give away school supplies, backpacks and clothing to all youths who attend from grade levels Pre-K to College.

Mary Nelson

Men’s Boot Camp collaborates with juvenile justice system and Indianapolis area judge to provide early intervention advocacy for at-risk youth as a result of doors opened by Woodson Center founder, Bob Woodson.

Men's Boot Camp

Trials for Hope began with a desire to help another and an awareness of how even the simplest and most basic thing can be taken for granted. Hello, my name is Jonathan. I am the founder of Trials for Hope, and I'd like to welcome you and share the story behind the creation of this program. In 2010 funding was cut at a local community center where I had been volunteering for a time. There were a large amount of trial size personal care toiletries, which I was requested to dispose. After giving some of the items to local detox centers for recovery, a friend and I took the items to a local community meal event. This was an awakening for me when the individuals there showed such gratitude for something that I had taken for granted. I am on disability, and don't have much, but I never realized there were so many who go without basic necessities such as shampoo, tooth paste, toilet paper and diapers.

Trials for Hope
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