August 12, 2018
A Year After Charlottesville, Extremists on All Sides Endanger Our Future
Posted By Bob Woodson

A year after Charlottesville, extremists on all sides endanger our future
By Bob Woodson
August 2018
The Hill

As we mark the first anniversary of the violent protests and counterprotests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in the deaths of a woman and two police officers, we are in no better place with respect to race and injustice in our country. The issue of race is being used as a political weapon on both sides and is fueling the growing divide that threatens to descend us into tribalism.

The same forces involved in the Charlottesville riots are angling for a rematch in Washington, D.C. We have fascists on the right who claim to represent disaffected white people. We have anarchists on the left who purport to speak for the marginalized, minorities and the poor. They ready themselves to battle it out again — with the only outcome being more racial strife and calls to remove the symbols of southern resistance by taking down statues of generals and renaming schools and streets, trying to right the wrongs of the past by killing the dead.

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