August 16, 2017
The 2016-2017 Impact Report
Posted By Bob Woodson

This year, the Woodson Center (formerly known as the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) will embark upon its 36th year of community restoration through shared community value as we work with you to help underserved neighborhoods address the problems of their communities. While others have turned away, our efforts have been successful because we have answered the call to serve and worked tirelessly to build strong communities and put fractured lives back together.

As we chart our new course for a future filled with hope and new vision, I realize that our success will be strengthened and achieved through the collective impact of everyone working together for the good of all. As we plan for future growth and development, I invite you to stand together with the Woodson Center (WC) as we continue the important work of healing and restoring communities.

I’d welcome you to read and review the WC’s first Impact Report, which we’ve created for all of our donors and advocates, to provide you with a concise update on how we’re leveraging your support to create change in communities throughout our nation.

Instead of sending you a coffee mug, tote bag or other thoughtful memento to express our gratitude for your past support, we’ve decided to put every dollar ‘to work’ transforming communities from the inside out and we look forward to sharing with you how your support has created real impact for the communities we serve – because of you.

Download a PDF of the Impact Report.