February 21, 2017
Introducing the Woodson Center’s Website
Posted By Woodson Center

The Woodson Center will feature a newly-designed web site. It will facilitate the presentation of updated content through easy, intuitive navigability and interactive elements to meet the needs of a spectrum of the Center’s partners—including members of our Community Affiliates Network as well as longstanding and prospective supporters and volunteers who are committed to supporting the transformations that community leaders are engendering in their neighborhoods.

About Us

This section introduces Bob Woodson and presents the Woodson Center’s mission and guiding principles. It highlights milestones in the Center’s support for those who are “transforming communities from the inside out” through an interactive timeline that spans 35 years.

Who We Help

This site introduces a spectrum of the Center’s grassroots affiliates addressing critical problems ranging from youth violence and addiction to the pressing need to re-establish a bond of trust between law-enforcement entities and community leaders to ensure peace and security and promote prospects for revitalization in the nation’s most vulnerable and volatile communities. Visitors will be introduced to the inspiring stories of trailblazers who have launched effective programs that could serve as national models. An interactive map provides the location of members of the Woodson Center’s expanding Community Affiliate Network.

How We Help

This page features assets and resources that the Center has marshaled in service to its nationwide network of neighborhood healers, including training and technical assistance developed to meet their specific needs and forums that have been created through which grassroots leaders can come together to share about their victories, their challenges, and “best practices” they have honed to address a range of poverty-related issues.

We are excited to share this new presentation of the Woodson Center, its mission, affiliates, and programs. We welcome your suggestions of ways in which we can provide the most valuable information for those who want to join in our effort to build on more than three decades of success.

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