October 5, 2016
Woodson Center Helps Urban Exchange Ventures
Posted By Woodson Development Team

The Woodson Center helps Texas-based affiliate, Urban Exchange Ventures, strengthen their operational support, increase staffing and expand its uniquely diverse and far-reaching Urban Specialist program which operates in public schools in Dallas. The program is working to “make a tremendous impact with alternative life experiences for the most vulnerable in our communities, our youth,” according to Omar Jahwar, the agency’s executive director.  Urban Specialist are “Service Agents” who are able to get close to the client as facilitators which allows for real-time data, stabilization, and just-in-time solutions for an unstable environment.  Urban Specialist in the past primarily offered in-kind services to assist with the mission of improving their communities. One of the fundamental changes is to compensate those grassroots selfless-servants who are on the frontline of the poverty and violence battle.