October 4, 2016
Full Episodes
Posted By Woodson Development Team

Episode  1 -The First Step

Washington, DC

“If we can see more of these stories replicated in other communities that we can really break the back of poverty.”

Paul Ryan talks with CNE Founder, Bob Woodson about the war on poverty and how it has failed to impact many communities. People are inspired by the victories that are possible. We have discovered solutions that work among those experiencing the problem.


– Paul Ryan; Bob Woodson; Curtis Watkins, National Homecomers Academy; Omar Jahwar, Vision Regeneration.



Episode  2 – Transformation

Elyria, OH

“I just focused and said I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Greg Bradford tells the emotional story of his transformation from a drug-addict to a man in recovery. Greg hit rock bottom after being incarcerated for his continued drug use. What saved Greg was a man who took a chance on him. Now he is reunited with his wife and children serving at Beyond the Walls Church, Elyria Oh and helping to open a shelter for others to also receive love, freedom from addictions, and transformation from the inside out.

Characters – Greg Bradford; Crystal Bradford; Paul Grodell.



Episode  3 – Become a Hero

East and South, Dallas, TX

“Hope keeps you going when you don’t have product.”

Comeback travels to Dallas, Texas, where Pastor Omar Jahwar has recruited former gang members to serve as active role models to at-risk youths to advise and guide them away from gang culture. These men serve as witnesses that redemption & transformation is possible.

Characters – Pastor Omar Jahwar, Antong Lucky, Deion Sanders



 Episode  4 – Talk to Me

Indianapolis, IN

“Redemption says I know you’re guilty, but I am going to give you another chance and I’m not going to hold you hostage to your pa
st decisions.”

 In one of the most crime-ridden zip codes in the country, Pastor Daryl Webster teaches the importance of manhood and community to the men of Indianapolis.

Through his 21-day “Boot Camp” stresses that participants must seize their chance at redemption by embracing God in addition to the values of accountability and hard work.

Characters – Pastor Darryl Webster, Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church; Bob Woodson.



 Episode  5 – Untapped Potential

Washington, DC -Anacostia

“In order to give hope to people, you have to first give help.”

Shirley Holloway has a unique haven for drug addicted families. She believes that if one person in the family is drug addicted, the entire family is. She provides a new start for people by bringing them in residence and teaching them life skills.

Characters – Shirley Holloway, House of Help and Kingdom City; Bob Woodson; Pamela and her daughter India; Melvin and Georgia; Angela; James.



 Episode  6 -Expect a Miracle

San Antonio, TX

“Addiction does not discriminate.”

Under the pillars of love, supervision, authority, and discipline, Jubal Garcia’s Outcry in the Barrio helps addicts assimilate back into the community. They don’t measure success by how many come to their program, but by how many leave, remain drug-free and begin to contribute to society again.

Characters – Jubal Garcia, Outcry in the Barrio; Bob Woodson; Lloyd; Romareo; Anthony; Bobby.

 Episode  7 – Rebuild the Walls

Somerset, NJ

“There is a role people must play in their own uplift.”

Rev. Soaries takes the principles of transformation & restoration and applies them to the remake of an entire community. He instils the values of self-discipline and personal responsibility in order to help people correct destructive life choices.

Characters – Dr. DeForest B. Soaries Jr., First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens; Katherine Taylor, Harvest of Hope Family Services Network; Maureen Archibald; Jasper; Tamika Stembridge, dfree.