September 29, 2016
House of Help City of Hope Celebrates 20 Years of Fighting Poverty
Posted By Woodson Development Team

House of Help City of Hope, a charity organization highlighted in Episode 5 of Opportunity Lives’ Comeback miniseries, celebrated its 20-year anniversary of successfully helping people out of poverty, drug addiction, and domestic violence situations. Bishop Shirley Holloway, the organization’s founder and president, described the graduation as “a transition from the house to independent living. “

“They’ve been taught how to handle themselves, how not to give up, how not to get stressed, how not to get depressed,” Holloway told the crowd. “But if they do, they’ve been given the recipe that pulls them out of it.”

Bishop Holloway’s ministries offer a variety of programs that are tailored to the individual needs of the person and their family. House of Help City of Hope is one of the few organizations in the country that takes in entire families when one member needs help. They start by meeting the immediate needs of the person or family by providing food, shelter, clothing, and counseling. As a person goes through the program they are given tools and skills to help prepare them to get a job and support themselves after they leave the house. Many graduates of the house volunteer their time after they finish to help others overcome similar situations. After 5 years of abstaining from substance abuse and determining that a person is responsible and accountable they can join Bishop Holloway’s Homeless to Home Ownership Program. This program helps individuals to purchase property and become homeowners.

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April 15, 2015