September 29, 2016
Cal Thomas on Bob Woodson: Look Who’s Winning the War on Poverty
Posted By Woodson Development Team

From Cal Thomas’ nationally syndicated column (May 11, 2011):

Robert Woodson would probably wince if you called him a “community organizer.” That’s because for the last 30 years as president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, he has not spent time organizing the poor around ineffective government programs and other addictions he has been helping them become self-sufficient.

“You can’t learn anything by studying failure,” he says. “If you want to learn anything, you must study the successful.”

I spent last Tuesday riding around Washington and Waldorf, Md., visiting housing projects Woodson’s organization supports and studying his success. I met former drug addicts, dealers, prostitutes and pimps — all of whom testify to having been through failed government programs — who now say they are clean, sober and off the streets.


May 16, 2011